Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Queen

"Mommy! Is this your crown?"

I was finishing putting up the last of the Halloween decorations in the china cabinet when he spotted it.

"Yes that is my crown. Isn't it beautiful? I wore that on a very special day."

I smiled at him and was going to tell him that was the day I married his daddy.. when he said..

"This is the crown you wore when you became Queen? Wow!!" he gasped.

"Mommy this is a very special crown."

I smiled.. it is indeed a very special crown that I hope one day to pass on..
to a daughter.. or a daughter in law..

But yes.. that was the day I became Queen of this house.

The royal gown....

and prince charming...

A magical crown indeed. Fit for the Queen of the Smiths!

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