Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playing Games With Meema

I promised Joshua that when he got home from school today that he would have a new game waiting for him... and boy did I deliver!!  OK.. actually he got it for his birthday, but i try to spread the gifts out so he actually gets the chance to play with everything.. otherwise he will play with something a few times and then forget all about...  so my our way works really good because he had a blast.

Joshua and Meema tried to catch the butterflies as they shot out of the elephants trunk. This is now his favorite game.. every day he wants to play the elephant game.

This is a game called Break the Ice.. we have had it for years and there are so many pieces missing that is really time to retire it, but I just cant make myself get rid of it... uhhh.. can we say pack rat??  OK I need to throw it out now. We must not be pack rats!!  But oh what fun!!

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