Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie.. our Elf on the shelf....
(we will talk about him more in December)

Meet Joshua.. the mischievous little kid that lives here...

This the book that is suppose to teach your children about how Santa knows if your naughty or nice.

The book tells the tale of a elf that lives in your house and watches what you do all day long. Then, every night he leaves and reports to Santa if you were good or bad. This is how Santa knows everything.

There comes a part in the book that teaches how you must not ever touch the elf, or he will lose his magic..

See the rule.. it's written in stone, or at least.. on paper..

Then of course.. our child is the possibly the only child in the world that notices this...

Look closer...

Yes.. Joshua gasps... "Oh no, look his elf lost magic because he touched him!!!"
"What is he going to do now mama? His elf has no magic because he touched him!"


"Let's read another book."

The End.

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