Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kid For Sale

So, for extra holiday cash, we decided to ebay a few items we have laying around the house that are not needed or used anymore.

They have been sitting in our play room for a month and Joshua has not had any interest.. until now.

He wanted to take pictures with the stuff I am selling.

Do you think the kid will help me sell the stuff easier? He is cute!!

Or.. Someone may think I am actually selling the kid. .. You never know..

Some days I would sell him to you...
But then I would miss him too much because he is our world!

And just to be clear.. I took pictures of the items by themselves after he left the room... so he is not on ebay.

I love this little man too much to sell him...   plus.. as my husband always says... let them take him.. they will return him in a day.

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  1. Ha, I sometimes ask if anyone wants to borrow my kids for a week.