Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stranger Danger

So there have been a lot of kids go missing lately.. from every part of the United States..

So...  I decided to talk to Joshua about strangers.

Our conversation went like this...

Me: Joshua if you ever get lost in a store and a police officer finds you and asks you what your Mommy and Daddy's names are, do you know them?
Joshua: Yes.
Me: Ok.. well first off, what is your name?
Joshua: Joshua Smifth
Me: Great! What is daddy's name?
Joshua: Daddy.
Me: No, what is his real name?
Joshua: Oh, John Smifth.
Me: Good Job! Now, what is my real name?
Joshua: Mommy Smifth!!

So if your in Walmart and you hear the intercom come on asking Mommy Smith to come to the front of the store....  yes.. its me... I lost my child.

Secondly I talk to him about strangers. I tell him if you don't know the person we don't talk to them. We walk the other way and go find a officer or store clerk to help us. You can also scream 'stranger!' until someone comes to help you.

Joshua: Ok Mommy.
Me:  So if your playing outside and a guy comes up with a van and asks you if you want to look at his puppies inside the van, what do you do?
Joshua:  Yea Yea (with tongue hanging out breathing like a dog)... I like puppies!!!

Ugh... No!!
I obviously need to work on this...

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