Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Day of Father's

This father's day was spent with my husband on vacation. (I kinda got away with planning the vacation, because I told him it was part of his gift.)  I don't really think he fell for that, but I know he had a wonderful fathers day.  The only thing missing were our fathers. John's was working, and mine was on another vacation in the heart of Texas in the old German town of Fredricksburg. 

John's morning consisted of breakfast in bed...  chocolate donuts, honey bun, strawberries and grapes...  it was all we had.   And then, for Joshua's favorite part... the presents.  

The first one that Joshua made him open was of course.. from Joshua.

He was so excited to show his daddy everything that he had made for him at school.

After hanging around the resort for a while, it was off to take Daddy to lunch. He picked.. The Cheesecake Factory!!  We all had some great food, but the cheesecake stole the show. Both of us had Reese's cheesecake and you could only imagine how big our eyes were when we saw the size of the slices!  We could of shared one...  with a small army of people.

It was a great day though, we all had a blast. The best part?  No.. not the cheesecake...  but close.. 

Spending it with the man who gave me the most precious thing in the world... Joshua. So thank you honey for making me a mother.. and making yourself a father.. and giving us the chance to actually celebrate these days for ourselves. We have our ups and downs about parenting, but behind it all, your a great father to my son.

I love you.

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