Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Splash Park

June. The beginning of summer. I love June. 

June bugs.. not so much. They are everywhere this time of year.

This particular day in June though,  I decided to take my favorite little Bug to the splash park, and our friend Lily tagged along. Joshua was so excited to see "Lillya" as he calls her. They don't get to spend much time together, but today.. it was all about them.

Lily and Joshua.  Joshua is sporting a hat from Old Navy that is actually for someone who is 18-24 months old. Does he fall into this category??  I think not!!!

The water was cold to the skin, but just right for the hot day.

Joshua always shares his wisdom with the older kids.

They played trucks together for almost 30 minutes. Lily was such a great sport about it.

Going through the car wash.

My Little June Bug.

It was a great day for everyone. We love that someone finally came to our neck of the woods to play with Joshua. We live so far away from family.. and it's always so exciting when they come into town.

PS. Joshua was so excited that when we were driving through town to get to the splash park, he pointed out to our guests: the hair cut place, the movie place, the tire place, Chicken Lay, Walmart, another movie place, the doctor place, and the pizza place.  (There may have been more places.. I was laughing too hard to really listen. It was so cute to listen to him and how he sees the world. )

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  1. OMG! I love that first pic of Joshua in that hat! What a little cutie! Heartbreaker!! Ellie cant make up her mind which hat she likes better, that one or a cowboy hat. ;)