Monday, June 6, 2011

The Summer at the Ranch

Today we were at my parents house on the ranch, and sitting outside with Joshua reminded me of the few summers that were spent there. Most of them were spent on the beach, but my last few summers before I turned 18 were spent in the back yard of my parents house.

I remember sleeping in until noon on those lazy summer days.

Afternoon always consisted of a bottle of water, a beach blanket, and a good book.

I must of read 50+ books those summers. The librarian knew me well.

I remember my favorite books being 'Catcher in the Rye' and 'Brave New World.'

Don't ask why.. I don't know.. I just remember those were my favorite.. and the RL Steine series..

The pasture was my view....

Joshua hung out there with my yesterday and it just reminded me of the days where I didn't have a care in the world. He and I laid on blankets and talked about the bugs we saw in the grass.

He thought that bug looked funny.

Then as little boys do.. he ran and chased after a moth looking thing that he called a "Buddafly."

The grass was crisp and hot beneath our feet.

And Cool J thought he would come out for a appearance.

And then it was snack time. I love summer fruits.. grapes.. strawberries.. kiwi.. watermelon... ohhhhh.. I love them all.  On the fence in the backyard my parents use to have tons of blackberries. They are long gone, but this afternoon Joshua had lots of fun picking up the pears off the pear tree.

Yes..Summers on the Ranch are lazy.. and not very exciting... but isn't that what summer is suppose to be about? Taking the time off to be outside with your family and really enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

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