Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Littlest Fire Fighter

It was Mommy's mistake. I promised him that he could go to the fire museum in Beaumont. I mean, I had talked to them a few weeks before and they told me it was possible to have a birthday party on a Saturday, so I just assumed it was open on Saturdays.

I was wrong.

It's by appointment only.

Bad Mommy!!

So scrambling to find somewhere to take some pictures for his invitations, I got lucky. I have a cousin who's husband is part of the Beaumont Fire Department. So, my mother called him up. We were in luck!! There was someone at Station #6 and we could go take some pictures.

I was hoping to do a few outfit changes, but since we were in a fire station with other fire fighters and it was like 100+ degrees outside, I didn't want to detain them too long.

The pictures turned out good. I was going to go one way on the invites, but I think I will be going another way when I create them. Either way... I know Joshua will love them.

And we aren't having the party at the museum.. it wouldn't fit my family of 100+ guests.

However.. I have another cousin who's husband is a fire fighter and they are allowing us to have it at their station. So... Joshua is one lucky boy .. and I am one lucky girl to have such a gracious family.

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  1. What a very lucky little boy!! Pics are too cute!!