Friday, June 10, 2011

The Monument Inn

It's been years since we rode the tiny little ferry and crossed over toward the Monument. The Monument is truly a beautiful sight to behold. The tallest monumental column in the world.  However, today we did not cross to see this monument. We crossed to feed the monsters that growl inside our belly telling us.."your hungry."

My Little Monster.

Getting a seat was almost a thirty minute wait, because we couldn't sit just anywhere. We HAD to sit by the window, and what a sight to behold it was. Joshua was very entertained throughout the entire dinner.

Cheese Sticks! Gotta love them.

After dinner, we walked the small, rocky shoreline. The sun was going down and there were beautiful streaks of peach in the sky. We watched as the birds circled around and swooped down fast as they decided what they were going to have for dinner.

Joshua played 'Peek A Boo' in the palm trees and I stood there snapping as many pictures as I could. He reminds me of a little girl that I knew when I was little. I loved the trees.. and the water.. and the birds and the fish...  everything he loves.  I see me when I look at him.

He spots a fisherman and takes off wondering "what is he doing mama?" He has never really seen anyone fish. But it was exciting to him.. just like his Papa and Uncle Ryan...  fishing is their hobby.

He was calling out to the birds here.

For those of you wondering about the restaurant itself. It was grand. The food is pricey. We paid $60 for 3 people... but the food amount was very large.  Joshua ate a kids hamburger that was fit for a king. John had a steak as big as my head.  And I, well I had the seafood pasta. The bowl was almost as big as one of my mixing bowls...  it was the best seafood pasta I have ever had.  Their cinnamon  raisins rolls are great too. I was impressed. We may have to make this a monthly favorite stop.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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