Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Letter T

For father's day last year, Joshua and I searched and searched for the perfect gift for John. We settled on a titanium cross. John's previous shell necklace had just broken. (Thank the lord, because I feel like teenagers wear shell necklaces and not 30-something year olds) So, I really thought the cross would be thoughtful and have meaning of course, since Christ is present in our lives daily.

Anyways, we were sitting at the dinner table one night, eating dinner. And Joshua looks over at John and asks, "Daddy, why you wear a T on your neck?" John and I looked at each other and tried to keep from laughing. I tried to explain that it was a cross and what it symbolizes, but Joshua insisted it was a 't'.

So Daddy wears a "T" around his neck, and we are very thankful that Joshua goes to such a wonderful school where he is learning so much.

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