Friday, March 18, 2011

The Love of A Mower

Joshua loves tractors. Joshua loves cars. Joshua loves trucks. Basically, Joshua loves anything that moves. So it was no big shock when he wanted to mow the "ass" with Papa.

Although not attractive, I made him wear a face mask. He is just like his Mama and has allergies, so it was just extra precaution so that he doesn't get sick. (Or sneeze and pee in his pants at the same time... which I swear I NEVER do! haha)

Then Papa got off so that Daddy could have a turn riding with Joshua. Can I just tell you that John looks so excited in this picture...

Joshua had so much fun, he kept asking to get down... then get back on. The funniest part is that once they were finished mowing the grass, Joshua refused to take the face mask off. He even wanted to go to the store with it, but I forced him to take it off. We didn't need a Michael Jackson look alike loose in the small town of Winnie.

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