Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sandbox

The sandbox was given to Joshua almost a year ago by his Meema and Tetaw. We have refused to put it up for a number of reasons.... mainly John and I did not want to be sweeping, moping and vacuuming every day.

But then, I did it. I went and bought the sand and told John that he is only a little boy once. So, John filled it up. Joshua was smitten and has been since. He loves playing in his sand. He loves dumping his sand out... but most of all.. he loves dragging the sand in the house so that Mommy and Daddy have to sweep the floor 10 times a day.

Pain in the rear... but he is only little once...

Check out the Mountain Lion in the background. That is Garfield.. or as I say... Garf E. Cat.


  1. Aww yeey for giving into the sand box. :) Try teaching Joshua to dust off before running into the house. Maybe have him take his shoes off too. I love your green grassy yard!! HOLY BOB CAT!!! lol that is a big kitty :)

  2. FUNNN!!! Cole needs to come play with Joshua in that thing, they'd have some fun for sure!

  3. Anytime! =)

    and yes Robin.. Garfield is HUGE!! lol..