Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Shoplifter

What would you dooooo for a Klodike bar?

Joshua would risk being in jail apparently.

Yes.. my little shoplifter. He stole it.

We were at the Dollar General picking up a few supplies. I allowed him to get two hot wheel cars, which the lady checked out first and put in a bag for Joshua to carry by himself.

While I was checking out the rest of the items, Joshua must of snuck over to the ice cream by the front door and stuff one in his bag, because when I got home.. John found it.

John accused me of buying it and said..."I thought you were suppose to be on a diet." I don't know gave him that idea... besides I say that every Monday, but by the time Wednesday rolls around... I'm eating hamburgers.

I checked the receipt. Nope. We didn't pay for it.

Therefore, the only conclusion I can come to... he stole it.

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