Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lil' Cowpoke Room

It's almost that time..

The time that every mother dreads..

Yes, it's almost time for a big bed.

It was a sad day when we converted to a toddler bed. I have no idea what I am going to do when we finally finish Joshua's room and put his twin bed up. Cry probably, and eat lots of ice cream.... and stay in sweats for days.... just kidding. It will be OK.

However, I have been thinking about decorating. We are probably going to be sticking with the western theme since everything he already has is western. If you ask him, he wants fire trucks... but mommy and daddy's money tree in the back yard did not make it through our harsh winter, and we have no money left... western it is.

Here are a few rooms I found online that I liked.

I like the idea of the striped wall to the left and the stars.

I know is a Buffalo Gals room.. but Oh My Gosh.. that tepee over the bed is to die for. Love it!

Simple, but cute. Love the Ranch sign!

I so want this room!! The colors are bright and fun. I love it!!

This is the bedding that we will probably be getting him. It's from Jojo designs and can be found at Babies R Us.

I am hoping to come up with some really cool ideas so that Joshua will love it, even if it's not firetrucks.

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