Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Update

Gosh, it has been forever since I have just been able to sit down.. and write.

Not that I am a great writer, or even a good writer, but I just love how words flow out of my brain onto a blank page. I type as I would speak.. so this is all me.

What has been going on in our lives?

Well John and I both started new jobs.

John's new job is in Baytown with a surveying company. John seems to really enjoy it and says that the whole company is very Christian based, which is a good environment for him to be in. (For all of us to be in.) But so far, everything is looking good and he comes home smiling every day. The pay increase and the company truck help our pocket books as well.. so I am smiling too!

My job, well... it's less than desirable. Not too great in fact. But a pay increase always helps... always!! I am now working in a less than desirable part of town as a property manager for an apartment complex that was built in the 70's. The previous owners did not take care of anything and when they left, the stripped the buildings of anything and everything possible. It's a nightmare! The units are terrible.. roaches, mold, holes, leaks.. you name it.. we probably have it. We even have homeless people living in some of the buildings on the back side of the property and drug dealers working their stuff on the corners. This is defiantly no Gramercy Park, but the money is worth more than Gramercy, so I am happy.. or at least.. I try to smile. Each day brings a new nightmare.. a new challenge.. You never have the same day twice. A police officer guards the front door and escorts us on property. I have to carry mace with me just to walk to my car. Yes.. less than desirable. Horrible. Someone dropped the princess off in the ghetto. But I and thankful to have a job and I love the company I am with.

Joshua is doing good. He is learning so much. He has been a sick little boy though. Normally at least once a week we have a regurgitating episode. This week though.. has been throw up free.. so far. (knock on wood) We have a new channel called Sprout that he is in love with. They play only educational, preschool shows, which also makes mommy and daddy very happy. He has had an attitude problem though. I mean.. go figure.. he is 2! We fight every morning to get dressed.. we fight every night to take a bath.. and then it takes two hours to actually decide where he wants to sleep. Lately he has been falling asleep on the futon in the guest bedroom and we move him to his toddler bed. But he doesn't last all night in his bed. He is a tall little boy and is outgrowing the toddler bed. It's time to graduate to a twin size. I just ordered his bedding today, and we have been searching around for the perfect bed to go into his room. I am giving it another month or so before we will be redoing his room all together. It's still going to be country/cowboy.. but I have so many plans floating around in my head.

Garfield is doing great. He is annoying us by shedding everywhere. I can't walk out to the car without getting huge fuzzballs all over my pants. Garfield is loving Spring though... beautiful weather for him to play in the backyard and lots of birds to chase after. This is his favorite time of the year.

Fish is alive. After the whole 'Momma dropped fish in the disposal' thing.. I don't change his water anymore. He did live for those who are wondering, we were able to get him out of the disposal with minimal damage. He swam kind of crooked for a while, but he's back to his normal boring self. And we like it that way.

That's pretty much it. We are all looking forward to Summer, the beach, Toy Story 2 on Ice, and our Vacation. How blessed are we!

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  1. Oh my gosh, congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!!! We were looking for y'all tonight to say hi. So glad you guys like the new jobs! :)