Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Copycat

Children always want to be like their parents. They study their every move and copy as best the can.

How scary is that?

As a mother I have a million jobs, but my most important one perhaps, is being a teacher. I have to teach him to do things right. ... and I too have to abide by the rules I teach.

I noticed the other morning than I expect him to take off his shoes and put them on the rack in the laundry room, yet I take mine off by the front door and leave them there, or I take them off in the corner of my bedroom. I am sending mixed messages. I am not a good teacher.  Oh the pressure!!

When I brush my teeth, he wants to brush his teeth. When I cook, he wants to help out. He loves to stir the salad.. its his favorite part of the day.

I try to teach him things I want him to know.. like colors.. numbers.. the alphabet... honestly.. he is not interested. He gets those things from school and doesn't want to talk about them at home.

However... if I am folding the laundry, he watches with great intent. Asking... "Can I help you?"  When I put away the groceries he is right behind me.. helping take things out of bags...  and I must say I have to giggle when I see a box of Captain Crunch in the refrigerator.

He is even listening when I drop that can of green beans on my toe and say a word that isn't so nice.  He learns....

What an opportunity!!

Mothers are teachers, but not the kind you think of.

We are teachers of life.

We are teachers of love.

It makes me want to be the best. Love the best. Live the best.

Put my best foot forward everyday, because I am shaping the person he will become. I know genes have a part... but I can show him how to see the good in a situation. To laugh off the bad. To face a problem head on without pointing fingers. To compromise. To be friendly. To smile. To say 'Yes Maam and No Sir'. To see the good in others. To always say 'Thank you.'


It seems my actions are sometimes more powerful than words. He want to play, and when I take the time out to play with him, it means more to him than anything in the world. It teaches him that he does have people who love him and that are willing to be there for him. It teaches him a sense of belonging and family.

I draw a car. He draws a monster truck.
He watches, he learns.
I dream. He dreams.
He knows anything he wants is right there in front of him.. all he has to do is reach out and grab it.
and he knows that.. because we taught him that.

So I say.. Copy On ... Copycat. I am ready for you. I want to teach you. I want you to learn. You are not always going to like the things that you learn, because yes... You HAVE to pick up your toys every night. But my dear, one day you will understand that these are all good lessons. Lessons in life and love. Lessons that will come in handy as you grow and shape into your future person.

Remember not to grow too fast though... I like you staying little. And.. I like the fact that you copy me because I know there will come a day when the copycatting is no more.

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