Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Wave Pool


I am still adjusting...

To working 40+ hours a week.. to driving 10+ hours to get to and from my job...
To being a single parent in a two parent household...
To taking care of a house all by myself....
To doing it all.....

and now, more than ever, do I realize I miss my husband. I miss him.. because I love him... but now I am realizing how much he did.. how much he helped out. He is my other half. He is my sanity.

I cannot wait until he gets back home.

This weekend, I attempted to be a single parent at a birthday party that was hosted at a local wave pool. The pool was fun.. and the party was great... but the idea of me in a bathing suit...  ::cringe::: .   I didn't want my friends to see my thighs..

but they had to... because my son shows no fear.

3 years old and he dives into the water heading for the deep end.

He doesn't know how to swim.

Then the waves come out of nowhere.. and he is swept away to the side of the pool. Luckily one of our friends was near him and grabbed onto Joshua before anything bad happened.

But it was at this point that I realized I had to put down the camera and do the walk of shame in my bathing suit.

They did have intertubes there.. so I carried one with me.. trying to hide the cottage cheese that rests on my thighs. I'm sure it didn't work too well, but I felt better.

And Joshua?

Well he had a blast!! He loves the water.. my little fish!

By the end of the day.. my feet were raw from the bottom of the pool. My eyes stung because the pool was salt water. I couldn't feel my legs from running after Joshua so much. It was defiantly a day I needed John. It was a 2 parent day.

However... at the end of the day, when he smiles and says.. "Mama, I had fun today! Your the best!" .... I forget all those things. I forget how hard of a day I had. I forget cursing under my breath as the life guard blew his whistle at Joshua for running down the side.

I forget... and I smile too.

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