Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Home Management Binder

A friend introduced me to her binder....

and now I am obsessed....

I want one!! I need to have one! make one!

I'm all out of printer ink.. boooo!!!!

But I want a home management binder.  Look how pretty...

and I love this one...

The above one is from Sustainably Chic Designs and I want it!! She also has great instructions on what a home management binder is... (like its not in the title)... but yea.. guides to what things you might want in your binder.

And Life... Your Way has some pretty awesome free printable as well as the ones listed in Sustainably Chic Designs.

Ok.. off to look at more binder printables.. I am storing up and saving them .. until I have ink.

Can't wait to be more organized.. not to mention this would totally help in the case of a hurricane.

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