Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bonjour Mickey Mouse

I love getting mail.... ahem..... good mail.... not bills that so seem to frequent my mailbox.  Today was a good day though, we got good mail.

Yes, you are reading that right... we are going on a Disney Cruise!!  I am so excited not only because its our first cruise ever, but also my whole family will be on board to celebrate my birthday.

John and I have struggled on and off over the past few years, so I was never quite sure that this would be possible, but here we are!! John has a great job and we have been very blessed this past year... the words of Peter Pan, "all  you need is trust, and a little bit of pixie dust!!"... and I trust that we will have a wonderful time in the Caribbean.

Our cruise isn't until the end of the year though.. November... so I have quite a few months to go. In the mean time I will enjoy the days for what they are. 

Like today, we had a visitor, he called himself "Jason Aldean."

Not sure why 'Jason' think he needed guns or forgot to wear pants... but I welcomed him with open arms and laughed the whole time through. He is a boy with a wild imagination.

Jason visited with us for a while and even tried to sell me a car on his new car lot...

I really wanted that rockin van with the stickers, but apparently all 'Cars 2' look alikes are off limit.

And then as night fell ... Daddy got home from being away for a week and we had to get in our hugs and tickles, because you can never have too many of those.  Then play a much needed game of football with Daddy, because we live and breathe football. I have no idea what we are going to watch when its over.

Seriously?  Even me.. I'm addicted.

And today was the last goodbye to our Christmas decorations.. they are all gone now and John and I are sitting here staring at empty walls and thinking to ourselves.. "Are we really this boring?"

Redecorating time??  Only if I can find where that money tree went......

After our decorations were almost gone (we were still working on the getting the outside down) I started raking up the leaves and the little man could not resist. So, into the pile he dove. Fearless. Super hero style. Feet first. .. because that is how he rolls.

So Bonjour Mickey Mouse.. we will see you in T-minus 10 Months and 3 weeks. Until then.. we are living and enjoying our blessed life.


  1. Too bad that van is off limits. I would love to drive that around. Enjoy your guys while he is little. My son is already taller than me and it passed in the literal blink of an eye.

  2. I hope that we can afford to take the kids on the Disney cruise one day! Can't wait to see that post!! I missed your blog while I was gone! :)

  3. A DISNEY cruise?? Awesome!!! I have heard great things about them!!! We absolutely loved our trip to WDW last September... so impressed with how top notch everything is. I'm sure their cruise will be the same way!!