Saturday, January 14, 2012

Color Of My Life

"Family is the color of my life.. without them I am blind."

So today... we colored.. like we have never colored before. We sat on the front lawn and talked about Valentine's day coming up and what it means to us. I tried to teach him that it's not about the candy or the present he may get, but it's about showing each other how much we love and appreciate each other.

I tried to teach him that we have lots of love in our hearts and that we can share it with lots of people. That we can love and care for lots of different people in different ways. How amazing it is to have so many good people, friends and family in our lives.

His response?  "Well today I love Daddy. Tomorrow I can love you."

Ok then....


I suppose I will share his love with Daddy.... I can wait my turn.... I mean.. who can resist those big brown eyes?? So Handsome!

We have been trying to teach him how to ride a big bike.. but he's been determined to stick to his tricycle where his knees hit the handle bars.... and he looks goofy..... but he is secure. Secure in his abilities to peddle around the block without any help.

His bicycle? He has no interest... until today. Probably because his daddy begged him to be a big boy and ride it. His dad wanted him to take the next step... so he did. He tried to ride the big boy bike.

He smiled.. he took off.. he drove kinda crazy and had trouble peddling.. but he learned slowly.

And that timer on the back of the bike?  No idea. But if he was going to cycle.. so was it.

So go out there and color your life today... spend time with family.. you never know what beautiful things are in store for you.

Have a colorful day!


  1. Such a sweet little guy. Glad he took his timer with him. One can never be too prepared ;)

  2. The heart banner is cute and such a good idea. I totally need to do more things with the kids. More things like this.