Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yes, lately I have been feeling detached from the world. There are so many things going on that my mind is being pulled in so many directions.

My mom is doing great, but her hair is falling out rapidly.

My MawMaw is in the hospital and they can't seem to stabilize her for more than a few days. She has type 1 diabetes and she is in the end stages. Her body is getting tired and weak and is trying so hard to fight, but it can't. And all the medicines that she needs to help her are working against each other. So we need lots of prayers to keep her going and hope she pulls through.

Joshua is still feeling off. The steroids he is taking makes him hyper and clingy. I have been loving every minute of the clingy-ness though. I even took advantage and rocked him to sleep one night. Do you know how long its been since I rocked him to sleep? I miss those days!

But all this stress has made me detached.... detached from the world.. detached from motherhood.. detached from being a wonderful wife... detached from my house.. detached from sleep...      and the last one ... well.. it makes me cranky.

So I went to my hometown this weekend.. to try to reattach.

Joshua and I played some baseball.

We took a little walk to see our horses.. Sarah and Engine.

Joshua went with Uncle Ryan and Papa to the crawfish ponds and came back with a cocoon.

Finally we spend time with family celebrating birthdays. My brother's birthday was great and we spent time in good company. It was a lot of fun.

It was so nice to see how many people showed up to celebrate in the midst of our grandmother being so sick. We missed her being there, but we are praying she will be there next time.

And the birthday boy opening his presents..

You know your old when you ask for a food saver for your birthday.. haha!

and the following day... we celebrated Peyton and Carley's 1st birthday.

So a weekend filled with lots of laughs and lots of family. It was good.. good for the soul. Good to reatach myself if only for a little bit.

We are now back to our schedule.. back to the sleepless nights. Hopefully soon we will be off the steriods. Joshua has an appointment to see the doctor this week and we will know the next step. His tubes are falling out, yet his ears are retaining water... so hopefully this will all end soon..  and mama can get some sleep!!

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