Wednesday, January 18, 2012



It got us this weekend.

We were tired.. we were defiantly cranky.

I am not a good patient.. Joshua is not a good patient. I was wishing John was here.

Friday little man came home from school with a temp of 101.9 .. low grade, but still a temperature. The major thing though was that he kept saying there were 'boogers' in his ears. Normally this means that they are infected and oozing, but I couldn't find hardly any evidence of the oozing. 

Still.. I gave medicine and nurtured him the best I could.

By Saturday, he was feeling better and making messes all around the house with his toys. I must commend him though, he is getting really great about cleaning up and picking up his toys. Some days are better than others, but he is getting the hang of it.

By that evening we were all set to watch some football.... he was super excited when the Patriots made a touchdown... or "Hutchdown!!" .. as he says.

Monday morning.. his 'boogers' in his ears returned. I grabbed a Q-tip to inspect and there was blood right inside his ear canal. So we rode over to make a visit to his ENT doctor.

Sure enough...

Double ear infection. Low grade temperature. Compacted sinus's. Swollen Tonsils.


his tube in his right ear is trying to make a exit.

Cue the headache again...

After the doctor we stopped by the nursing home to see my Grandmama. She was so excited to see us and Joshua was so excited to see her. In fact, on the way to the doctor, he asked to see her because he was very 'worried' about her.

I think he just likes to visit the bird. Kidding. He does love his Grandmama!!

Sunshine is their beautiful Blue Macaw... and he talks.. very little, but its cute.

He says.. "Hello". "Bye Bye". and "Polly want a cracker?"

Cute cute... and fun. We all had fun visiting her and it seems she is doing much better. Hopefully she can return home in a few months.

As for us.. we returned home.. with lots of medicines. Joshua is doing a lot better and is at school today.

I went to the gym... and plan on taking a nice nap later.

It's good to feel good!!

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  1. Oh wow! So sorry you both were sick! :( Blood on the qtip and I would be freaking out I think. :0 Glad he is feeling better!!