Monday, February 6, 2012

Ear Surgery Take Two

Less than a year ago Joshua had surgery to get tubes put into his ears. It worked for a while, but we are back at Square -5... Yes.. Negative.... its worse than ever. His ears leak almost every day this yellow gooey stuff that is just.. yuck!! So after going back to see the specialist, the decision was made that he needed a new set of tubes.... his right one had fallen out anyways.

So on the day of the surgery.. we sat in his private waiting room and Joshua enjoyed some Curious George on TV.

His surgery went great and he was a happy camper when he got back to his room to see all of his goodies that we bought him to get well.

Coloring books, pencils, action figures... he was in heaven and ready to go home. He even rushed us out of there and started changing his clothes before we got the discharge papers... he wanted to go home!

At home.. his favorite thing to do was color in his Batman coloring book.. while watching his new Clifford DVD.

Now.. Hopefully the new tubes will work!!

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