Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life Happens

Yes, its true.. life has taken over. We have been so busy during the past few weeks that I seriously need a break. You know.. when you have that dream that your running and running and running... but you don't know why or where your running to?  I feel like I am living that dream.

Our life has been a little chaotic lately.

Joshua was having surgery on Valentine's Day because I thought John would be back in by then... but they brought John in early, so we moved up the date to February 7th. So on February 7, 2012, Joshua will be getting his second set of tubes put in his ears.  (We are crossing our fingers that it actually works this time.)

My MawMaw has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks now. She has been in and out of ICU pretty regularly. She has had both Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Right now she is insulin dependant and in the end stages of diabetes.... and by 'end stages,' I mean her body is shutting down. All her medications are fighting against each other and no one is winning.     Then, just when we think she was getting better... she had a mini stroke and couldn't talk. She babbled like a baby and you could only make out very few words. Her speech returned some what, and then I got the call to come fast... she had another stroke. It didn't look promising for a while, but she pulled through and can talk pretty decently now. It's amazing how the body can sometimes bounce back after a stroke. She is being admitted to a nursing home today and will probably live there for the remainder of her life. That lady is strong.. seriously... she gave birth to 10 kids!!

John finally gets home and we are in the playroom talking about the next week or two and then I look up to see a big brown stain on my ceiling....  (insert scream here!!!)   .... the party never ends!! We just fixed that pipe, or so i thought.... another joint was rotted, so we replaced that and I now have kiltz paint on two of my walls.  So guess what??  I now get to paint a wall and a ceiling!! FUN! haha...     but colors.. what colors should I paint a play room?  it has to be fun colors... and I want a reading nook...   but darn.. this room is like 10x10 and we have a giant train table.. ugh! 

I cannot wait to sell this house! It is 10 years old this year.. and it's falling apart... and we are outgrowing it very fast...  lol.

So, we have been running all over Southeast Texas for the past few weeks ...visiting people, getting parts, not to mention a few birthday parties, a school movie night, and a trip to Louisiana for daddy.... So, this mama is burned out.

Goodnight my dears!


  1. My house is over 100 yrs old. It is falling apart faster! lol Life is crazy, but I have found that it just kind of stays that way!

  2. maybe a nice soft blue color! big hugs being sent ur guy's way!!!