Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Present

John is out to sea for Valentine's day, but we still wanted to surprise little man with something special.

No candy.. because.. well.. he doesn't need any. He is still on steroid's for his ears and that hypes him up enough for this mama.

We did get him a few small things.. a bubble blower (because those things seems to break after the 5th use).... a frying pan full of food that he can use on his outside BBQ pit.... and a Pony... yes I know its girly, but he has been begging us for one. I tried to find a blue one, but had to settle for the orange'ish yellow one instead. When he saw the pony.. he even told me..."Mom! I wanted the boy pony's!!"

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

PS. I did get a great Valentine's gift.. flowers and a trip to the Coach store which yielded me 3 coach purses, a clutch and some bag scarfs. I also got a pair of Oakley sunglasses. John got a new hard drive that he has been wanting.

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