Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carving The Pumpkin

Every year, Joshua's school has a pumpkin carving contest.
And every year we turn our pumpkin in on the first day and by judging day.. its moldy and falling apart. So, this year, we were out to find something simple that makes a big impact.
And my mom found it on the Internet.. it was perfect.
Here are the supplies... do you know what it is yet?
Hint: Cookies, Big Eyes, and blue paint!

John carves the pumpkin. (I really should make him wear shirts for pictures, but never think about it.)

Joshua and I take out the guts.

And Joshua paints him blue...

Did you guess what he is yet??
Cookie Monster!!!
Look how cute he turned out...

I am loving him... thanks Mom for the idea!!!

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