Sunday, October 14, 2012

Living On The Land

One of our most favorite things to do as a family is spend time out on Bauer Ranch. So, after a family reunion in Louisiana, we relaxed... Joshua practiced shooting his BB Gun... and he explored as little boys do. He was excited to see that the orange trees had sprung lots of oranges and begged his Granna and Papa to pick some. So, Granna found a basket and we picked ourselves some Satsuma oranges.

He didn't really understand the whole twist until they fall off method, so he just grabbed an orange and pulled until it broke off...   resulting in some "broken oranges" as he calls them. He tried throwing them on the ground until I explain that he just took some of the skin off and that they were still good oranges.

And they were... very sweet and yummy oranges. We came home with a whole bag full.

As Joshua was picking oranges I walked around Mom and Dad's house and took in some very beautiful scenery.

Can I just say again.. I love this place!!

Growing up I couldn't wait to move away... I wanted the city life so much. Now that I am older and have lived in many cities.. I miss the peace and quietness of the country life and everything it has to offer. Most of all... I hate the fact that Joshua doesn't know what its like to have so much land. To run and play so freely with no one yelling at you to stay on the sidewalk.. or get away from the street because the crazy people in our neighborhood only have one speed.. FAST.

Yes, I miss that life. I envy that life. I want that life for Joshua.

One day we will have it again though.. maybe not today, tomorrow or a few years from now, but that farm runs through my veins just as much as it does my father and I can't wait to live on the land I grew up on.. he grew up on... 

And last but not least... Pecan trees... ugggghhhh.. I could go forever without seeing another Pecan in my life!  But my Dad? He loves them. So the boys picked up as many Pecans as they could find.

I think we are having a pecan cracking party soon... sounds fun huh?

Yes, I know.. I make fun of this now... but I am my father's daughter and one day I too will appreciate these trees as much as he does. I will just have to hire someone to come crack the pecans because that really is not my idea of a fun party.

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