Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caught Up

Yay! I am caught up!

I know I just bombarded everyone with like 10 posts in the last two days, but things have been moving fast around here.

John was home for almost 2 weeks and of course when he is home we soak up every bit of him we can because when he leaves again, we never know for how long or when we will get to see him again.

So blogging gets backed up... pictures get backed up.. in fact.. I fall behind with everything.

But family is more important... always.

When John finally did have to go back to work, my first order of business was go get our playroom in order. It has been driving me insane... we needed a rug.. and some sort of art center because I am finding crayons and markers everywhere.

So, my organization kicked itself into full force and I drove to Ikea to try to solve my problem The playroom is now mostly finished. I would like a few more art pieces on the wall, but those may have to wait a tad bit longer, because I want the perfect pieces.

And just so you know.. this is only like 1/3 of Joshua's toys.. the rest are in his room.. and in a hidden toy box in the living room. Spoiled much? nahhhh... he just get two rooms in our house.

And since the redo of the playroom, our house has become the hang out of the hood. All the kids want to come here, so my afternoons are filled entertaining kids with Popsicles, juice boxes and cookies. Lately though, I have been trying to suggest outings because the weather has been so nice. I was finally able to get Joshua and his friend Katelyn outside to ride bikes.

Then, before I knew it.. it was October 1st!! Seriously? Where has this year gone?

This week I went and dug in our shed and pulled out all the Orange and Black boxes I could find.. I was ready to decorate!

I have all the inside stuff up, but want to mow the yard before we put up anything outside.


And then I tortured Garfield and tried on his costume from the last two years....

He is looking down because I had just button the top of the suit.... and it was tight... too tight... and he was like.. "Mama.. I can't breathe!"

So, he will need a new suit this year. Joshua is going to be a ninja turtle and wants Garfield to be one too... this should be very interesting..

Mixed into all that.. My sister in law and I had a Paparazzi Jewelry party... I got a new photo editing program and a ton of Florabella actions for the program... and don't even get me started on all the TV going on now.... my DVR is on overload from all the fall premiers.   And then to top it off.. I got really interested in Game of Thrones and DVR'd the first two seasons.. and then proceeded to do nothing but watch them for 3 days straight.    ..... And Football.... We love Football!!! 

So yes.. I haven't been great and keeping everyone up to date, but I am only human and life happens. I am back for now... but have some vacations scheduled in the near future.. so if I go on hiatus again.. don't worry...  I am probably somewhere near a pool with a tropical drink in my hand.

Happy Wednesday!

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