Monday, October 8, 2012

On Our Way

Our second trip out west has been going smooth. Only two stops on the way here.. And no one has gotten sick... So far.. So good.

We stopped at Bucee's, which is like the mother store of all convenience stores. It has the best restrooms (which we all know is very important when traveling). And of course there are a million toys and shirts and home decor. Joshua loaded up and suckered his grandparents into buying him an assortment of horses, a cat named spooky.. Or sleepy.. Or whatever his name is for this hour. (seriously I can't keep up.).. And he got a longhorn necklace. Spoiled much? Or really loved? Either way Granna and Papa are suckers for a little boy with big brown eyes.

Our second stop was at Sammy's restaurant. It's a little hole in the wall home cooking place that we try to stop at every chance we get. The best part?? The coloring pictures they have for little kids... Joshua always tries to sneak 3-4 pictures to color before we leave.

We are at our destination now.. Enjoying family and having fun!!

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