Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fabre Family Reunion

A reunion is a great thing. You get to see and visit family that you haven't seen in years... and even meet new family members for the very first time.

This is exactly what we were able to do this weekend.

Family is very important to me, so when my mom received the invitation to the Fabre/Romero family reunion in Louisiana.. she knew we all had to go.

So we packed up and headed east to the state of bayou's, boudin, alligators, gumbo, and some crazy Saint's football fans.

The weekend was great, we had so much fun and I honestly thing my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much. I remember my cousins... but I didn't realize how much I missed all of them. It has been probably 5+ years since I had seen most of them. I miss them.. and hope we get together again soon.

Here are tons of pictures from the weekend.

Representing the Texas Longhorns.

Fun in the bounce house.

Bouncy house malfunction.

Amber and Stella.

Our Ninja Turtle.

This is what we call Chair or Treat... haha.. Instead of Trunk or Treat.. you go from chair to chair and get surprises.

Brandi and Merrick

Joshua, A Power Ranger and Xander the other Power Ranger.

Chair or Treating.

The Fabre/Romero kids.

The Broussard Family. Brayden, Drake, Lisa and Konnor.

The Fabre Sisters.
Back L-R: Neva, Patty, Bonnie, Brenda
Front L-R: Lucy, Joy, Faye

Miss Stella.

Rhonda and Brooke.

The Biggest Pot of Gumbo you have ever seen.

Fabre pumpkin. My mother was a Fabre.

Benny and Patrick.

Those ghosts are adorable!

Amber and her daughter.

Getting the party started!

Playing Football.

Playing horseshoes.

I have so many more pictures, but I would be here all night posting. Overall though.. it was a blast and I can't wait until we get to do it again. I vote we make it an annual event!!


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