Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Del Rio, Texas

Our second mini vacation to Del Rio was short, but a very beautiful trip. Beautiful you ask? Yes.. beautiful because the Monarch butterflies were migrating and this means there were hundreds... everywhere.
The kids loved being outside around them. They loved looking at them, and really loved trying to catch them. It was a trip with beauty to remember.

They hung in clusters of 50 or more all over the trees.....

Look how beautiful ....

Vivien and Joshua spent a whole morning trying to catch as many as they could. It was so funny to see them running around with that net. They would swing in the air.. trying so hard to catch a butterfly.

Finally.. when they gave up.. one just flew up on the net and sat there. They were both so excited.

After 20 minutes of it just hanging around... they got pretty bored with it, and didn't understand why it wouldn't fly off.

Finally they took it out of the net, and Joshua ran off to catch more, while Vivien stayed with the butterfly and followed it around for about half a hour.

Later that day...
Joshua decided he wanted to try the swimming pool... in October.
It was cold.. but he had a blast jumping off the ledge and swimming around. (The pool is heated.. but still too cold for me.. I am chicken.)

And of course.. as always.. we stopped by the German bakery on the way home to get some cookies. Joshua picked out a cute Halloween one this time.

It was a great trip, we had lots of fun visiting with family and being surrounded by so many beautiful butterflies.
A trip to remember! 

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