Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Big Toys R Us Book

Yes.. it showed up in the mail today.. the BIG Toys R Us book. Joshua was so excited that his 'magazine' finally came in. He spent probably 45 minutes looking at it before he asked me for a pen.

Once he got his pen.. he went back through the catalog and starting circling..... and circling.. and circling.

I think he wants everything in the catalog.. even girl stuff.

He's not greedy... *cough cough.
He's not spoiled... *cough cough.

As Granna says, "He is just very loved!!"

I love that Joshua does this though. I remember when Ryan and I were little, we would wait every year for the JCPenney toy book to come in and we would get our pens and circle the things we wanted.

Traditions live on.

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