Friday, October 7, 2011

The New Fort

For months now if you asked Joshua what he wanted for Christmas, he would say... "I want a for like Austin's Daddy built for him."  Of course, Austin's fort is a tree house. ...  Since we have no trees in our cookie cutter subdivision neighborhood yard.... we cannot have a tree house. So we started looking into swing sets with forts built on. The good ones cost around $1000. So, when my parents found a used one for only $400.. we jumped right on it.   Only 1 problem. It won't fit through the fence to our back yard.

So we put it at Granna's house. It will stay there and we will just have to visit it every week or so.

Lilly and Olivia came over to play while John finished putting together the entire swing set.

Best $400 we ever spent.

Now.. we have another problem.

What will Joshua get for Christmas since we already bought the fort for him.


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