Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Time

What is a family??

The family unit is the oldest institution on earth.

It was families that built society, families that bonded and stuck together to build happy lives, families that mold and shape who we are.

John and I make sure every day that we create the most happy and loving family we can.

Today, we did just that.. spent time as a family.

Joshua made a tiger tail at school today and we laughed and giggle as he shook his hips from side to side showing off his wagging tail.

At  'Red Monster' aka 'Red Lobster' where we went to eat, Joshua enjoyed looking at the tanks.

Dinner was a little more frustrating, but being the awesome Dad that John is... he didn't mind taking Joshua to the bathroom 20 times. (It became a game after a while, but we didn't want him to have an accident.)


Even when doing chores, like putting away clothes, we make sure we are together as a family. Joshua was a little bored with our clothing rituals so he decided to do some light reading.

Obviously fairy tales were not his thing tonight, so he opted for Daddy's western book.

The time spent together as a family relaxes us for another day in this world. When Joshua grows up I hope he remembers his parents as two loving people that were happy... that included him in everything. I hope he has a deep sense of gratitude and love... and I hope he instills it in his family as well.

Today wasn't a busy day...but it was a family day. A day that we all need to take every once in a while.

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