Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Pumpkin for School

Joshua school holds a pumpkin carving contest every year in which the prize is $50 to Toys R Us.

We got 2nd place last year...  ugh!!

So we are trying again this year. Daddy isn't home, so its all up to me to carve the pumpkin.

This year, I am trying to carve a Bookworm.

He had so much fun trying to get all the guts out.  Although the whole time he kept saying.. "Yucky Mama, this spaghetti is yuck!!"

Finally the worm...

Seriously, its being held together by toothpicks. I forgot that it needed to be attached to the wall at some point.. and yea.. it wasn't.  So there are toothpicks in the feet, in the book and in his head holding it inside the hole and keeping it from falling over.

Not bad..though... I think....

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