Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Terrible Mom

Saturday night I was tired.... very tired. Joshua didn't go to sleep until midnight the night before and was up by 6am that morning. So, when Joshua and I crawled into bed to watch a movie together... I guess I fell asleep before he did.

Bad mama!!

Joshua didn't disturb me.  I am a light sleeper, so if he would of said my name, I would of heard him.

2 a.m.

I roll over and feel something metal in bed with us. I put my hand on it and feel the hard plastic. Then I feel crinkly bags like potato chips.....

I turn on the light.. and found this...

Yes.. in bed with us.

His snacks are very easy to get to. I made them that way because I know he is independent, but never did I think he would need scissors. He knows how to open them himself.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt... nothing else was cut.

I have now put up all the scissors in the house, so there will be NO MORE cutting.

Bad Tired Mama!!!
I'm putting myself in time out!

(PS. I am laughing about it now, but I was really upset and very hard on myself for a few days.   ... it was a lesson learned!)

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  1. I think you were to hard on yourself. Hope you let Joshua know what he did was wrong. I am glad though that no one was hurt and he didnt cut anything else (like your hair)