Thursday, October 20, 2011

Breast Cancer: Post 5

Another set back today.

My mom went to meet with the plastic surgeon.

Before meeting with him, she had her mind set.... surgery and rebuild at the same time.

The doctor had bad news. Although he can rebuild at the same time, he doesn't recommend it for her because of her diabetes. It is up to her.. he will do what she wants, but he gave her a lot to think about.

Honestly, the easiest thing for her to do is have the surgery now..  rebuild later.

We know she is going to have to have Chemo for sure.
We are not sure about radiation.

The radiation could cause things like melting with a rebuild.
Plus she learned today that implants have to be replaced every 10 years.
Who wants to go through surgery every 10 years??

The doctor steered her towards rebuilding later.. and I think he is right. When he rebuilds later he can use tissue from her stomach and rebuild her breast. No implant. No surgery every 10 years. No foreign objects in her body.

She has to make the decision by Monday.

I am sort of excited about Monday.
She has her genetic testing....

and then we go Wig Shopping!! 
Haha.....   think we could get her to go blonde? She would probably look funny.

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