Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Park at Mont Belvieu

Joshua and I planned one last visit to Granna's house before her surgery.  We wanted to spend the night with her so that she could get enough Hugs and Kisses from Joshua for the next month or so while she heals from her surgery. Unfortunately... we got halfway there and I realized I forgot Joshua's medicine and I left my engagement ring laying on the counter where anyone who looked into our house could see it. This made me I turned around and Joshua and I decided we would spend the night at home and see Granna tomorrow. Our first stop was the Park at Mont Belvieu. Joshua loves this park! and it really is beautiful. He had such a great time.

I got dark outside though and the mosquitoes started coming out in herds. So, we packed up and headed to the place with the funny face.. aka  Burger King.   Joshua was so excited that the toy was Spongebob, and he was even more excited when he got Mr. Crab's arm.

After burger king, we went home to watch Spongebob, but ended up falling asleep to Thomas the Train. Notice how his shirt is hiked up... he had a fully belly... not only did he eat his hamburger, but he ate half of my chicken nuggets too.  He was in a food coma I swear... and it was funny.

We had a great night as we watched TV and flipped through the new Fisher Price catalog. Tomorrow we will spend the entire day with Granna!

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