Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wreath Craft

I saw a wreath somewhere on pinterest that I fell in love with... so I decided I had to try to make one..

 The entire wreath cost me a whopping $6!!!
Grapevine Wreath - $4.99 - Got it for half off with a coupon at $2.50
Wooden Letter - $2.99 - On sale for half off at $1.50
Felt Sheets  - 4 sheets for $1 - bought 8 sheets for $2.00
Paper to cover letter - I used some I already had at home.

All Supplies bought at Hobby Lobby.

The first thing I did was gather supplies. You will need a blank CD or something round like a CD to trace around. A black pen and scissors.

Trace the CD onto the felt square. I could fit 3 on a page.

Cut out the circles. I cut just inside the black marks so that I didn't end up with any black marks on my flowers.

Cut circle into a spiral. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Start from the inside and roll the flower.

When you get to the end.... put a dot of glue so secure the rose.

The letter I used already came in the color white, but I wanted to add a touch of color to it. So I picked out some scrapbooking paper and traced the "S" onto it. (remember to turn the letter backwards so that it fits with the paper.)  After I cut the "S" out of the paper. I hot glued the paper to the front of the wooden letter and then I trimmed the edges.

Then .. you just hot glue everything onto your wreath.

Viola! Easy Peasy! Cute and Cheap!

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