Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year, Halloween was much easier than in previous years.
We ate on time. We got dressed on time. We left on time.
Everything went smooth.

Not that it was terrible years before, but we always seemed to leave so late that by the time we got to the other side of the neighborhood, everyone would be out of candy.

Not this year..

and Joshua loved Trick or Treating this year.

He wanted to go up to the houses all by himself. He knocked or rang the doorbell and when someone would answer the door.. sometimes he said Trick or Treat.. sometimes he just held out his bucket, but I always made sure that he told everyone thank you.

At one point, I could tell his candy bucket was getting heavy, so I asked him if he wanted to empty it into the wagon we brought. He obliged and dumped his treasures out.   Funny thing happened then... the next two houses we went to, he would take the candy straight from the bucket and put it into his wagon.

then.. we really started to giggle.

It was later in the night and I guess people were thinking we got a late start, so every time Joshua emptied his candy into the wagon, the next house we went to would exclaim "You don't have any candy???"  and then they would fill half his bucket.  The kid is smart I tell you... we came home with so much candy that I recycled it right there and started passing it out to people who were trick or treating at our house. Sounds horrible right?  But really.. we didn't need that much candy and it shouldn't go to waste.. I would probably have just thrown it in the trash... so we let other kids have it.. we shared.

We must have had over 1000 pieces of candy to pass out... and we passed out every single one of them.. turned all the lights out and hid in the back of the house.   and.. people still rang our doorbell.  Didn't their mama's teach them not to go up to dark houses??  Guess not. I had to put a sign on the door to let the kids know that the candy factory was now closed.

It was a great night though and we are so happy that Meema went door to door with us... while Granna and Grandpa passed out candy. We love that we got to spend the holiday with everyone and thank them all for helping us out.

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