Monday, June 25, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

This weekend was a fun filled weekend with lots of great family, friends and birthday parties. It really was the epitimany of a good time. We laughed... and laughed and laughed some more. Right now we have heavy thoughts in the back of head, but it was good to get out and some fun.

First on our weekend agenda was another Lowe's Build and Grow.

Seriously.... if you have kids... GO! It's lots of fun.

This week Joshua build the Assault car from Madagascar 3.

It was so funny to watch him try so hard to hammer in the nails. Some of them he would get crooked and get upset about it... but of course.. Daddy to the rescue.

John is a great father and is very patient when it comes to project that involve Joshua helping out.

Me?  I'm the one yelling.. "Ugh! Give me the hammer and I will do it!!"

Funny how I always thought I would be patient one and John would be the frustrated one.

Joshua had to have some safety goggles this time. Thankfully.. the lady had a few extra to pass out.

I took this picture and then got lectured by a 3 year old about safety and that I needed to stand back because I wasn't being safe by not wearing my goggles.

And finally... his finaly project and certification of completion. So proud!

Earlier that morning... we got a phone call...

John and I are so lucky to have so many great people in our lives. Right now has been a really hard time for us finacially. John works offshore and can make a good living off of doing that. However, right now, there just isn't any work. Most boats are docked or being repaired... or aren't needed. So when the boats sits home, so does John.

So when family calls us up.. and says "I want to take you to lunch." I don't think they quite know how much that means to us. Fact is... we don't go out to eat anymore. Our idea of going out to eat is the buy one, get one free coupon we use at Subway a week ago. So, to have family that wants to take care of us... wants us to have fun... wants to see us smile... that is special. And I know that one day, we will be able to do the same for them.

Today was lunch at one of our family favorite restaurants.. Monument Inn.

Joshua was joined by two of his cousins... Austin and Cyan.

These kids had a blast! You have to ride a ferry to even get to the restaurant.. so the kids were in heaven as we waited in line. Then, we got a big table close to the windows... so closer to heaven.

And of course... Outside.. the rocks, the water, the palm trees.

We had three happy campers.

Cyan is so cute, but very afraid of loud noises.. so every time the ferry honked his horn, or a plane flew by, she was on the run to her Momma who was always nearby. She is at that age where she is learning to talk, so anything she says just makes her 10 times cuter than she already is.

Austin is the big cousin. He is only a few years older than Joshua, but Joshua admires him like a big brother. He is the one cousin that Joshua talks about constantly... the one cousin that Joshua always has to make sure is at family gatherings. Austin is such a laid back kid.. and he lets Joshua boss him around... so its a relationship that works.. for now.

After a wonderful lunch, which also included my Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Lucy, Cousin Brooke and my Mom, we set off back to the ferry to go home.

But this time.. we took Austin with us. Joshua has wanted Austin to come over for ages, and Austin wanted to stay and hang out.... so he did.

It just so happens that there was a birthday party going on next door at our neighbors and they asked us to bring the boys over.

They were excited when they saw the huge water slide.

But sliding?  Naw.. not their style...

They hung out by the pool side of the slide.. doing twists..

And Cannonballs!!

Until it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Melissa.

And these people... man do they take their pinata's seriously. It was the hardest pinata to break open. I wish I had gotten a few pictures, but I think I just stood there in awe as the kids beat the thing over and over and over again and it didn't crack. I think each kid got three turns before one of the older girls just ripped it open.

That is some major pinata!!

The boys had a blast though, and I am so glad Austin stayed for the party.

Sunday was spent out at Bauer Ranch and closer to my family, as we had a double birthday and baby shower to celebrate.

Yes.. three parties in one!

Joshua of course was only interested in the pool.

I was interested in the life guard... haha. Isn't he hot? And he's all mine!

Being around family really makes it great though. Makes me remember the good times when both of my grandparents were alive and we would spend weekends at their house exploring and watching HeHaw on TV while the adults played card games. I just love being around family.

I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of both of the birthday girls, but I did manage to get one of Summer who just turned 2 years old.

And finally.. the most exciting part of my day... baby birds on Bauer Ranch.

I can't believe I actually got that close without being attacked by a mom.

And that was our weekend... slow.. but eventful... relaxing... but busy. It was honestly.. perfect.

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