Friday, June 1, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Today, my father turns another year older. And for a little over a month, my parents will be the same age... yes.. my mom married a younger man.  Young in age, heart and spirit. My dad is a very laid back guy who doesn't know a stranger. He isn't too picky either. He loves Sushi (just like me), so when it was suggested we eat at Shogun for his birthday, I think everyone was happy.

Shogun is a entertainment restaurant. They cook the food in front of you on a hibachi grill where fire is exciting and our cook is hilarious. Tonight we had the funniest cook in the house.. and along with my Dad.. their humor was almost too much to contain.

I want to take a moment to tell my dad that IT IS embarrassing when you try to talk with their Japanese accent. You are not Japanese, therefore you sound nothing like it. You cant even pronounce Mishibishi right (he says Mister-Bishi), so really..... its OK if you stop trying to imitate the hostess. I know you THINK your making her feel comfortable by trying to speak her language, but really.. shes laughing her hiney off inside.

My Dad and his celebratory Saki.

Once the cook got to our table, Joshua was so interested in what was about to happen.

Until the fire roared. Then he didn't like it anymore and wanted to go home. He was finished.. full.. had homework.. needed to check on Garfield.... any excuse to get the heck out of dodge. He was not impressed with the roaring fire.

Then it was time to play catch the rice in your mouth. It took John two times, my Dad and I.. ONCE. Yes.. as my brother says.. "We now know who has the big mouths in this family."   True.. but sad. The funniest of all.. my Grandmama. Bless her, she tried so hard, but wasn't fast enough... either that or the guy was aiming at her chest, because that is where the rice kept falling.

Check out these hilarious action shots.

After the rice hoopla... little man got bored.. can you tell??

Until the food arrived.. we are a rice growing family .. (Rice Riches - That should be our show name.. like Duck Dynasty - except we aren't that rich.. and I'm crazy.. so probably not. But, if I told half the stuff that really goes on here.. it would make for some good TV.)

Anyways... Joshua loves rice... and veggies... in his exact words...

"Veggies.. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!"

By the time our cook got to the volcano, Joshua was more comfortable with the fire..

and thought it was hilarious when the guy used a little boy squeeze toy filled with water to put out the fire. The water came out his 'Winkie Woo', as we say in this house. For days, Joshua talked about how gross it was that the little plastic man peed on Aunt Mandi. He thought it was real pee and for the life of me, I can't convince him differently.

And we ended the night with a traditional stroke of the Bong and some kind of oriental cookie and ice cream wedges.

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you have a great year. We love you!

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