Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Aftermath of Tropical Storm Lee

Tropical Storm Lee was nothing but a whole bunch of annoying rain clouds....

He swirled and swirled above our heads promising us a down pour of rain.. but in reality.. we got very little.

Joshua the explorer was going to go check out the farm...  but his tractor wouldn't start.

Humidity is not nice!

And there it is.....

The ton of rain that was left by a tropical storm.

Ok to tell the truth, there was quite a bit of rain, but because we are so dry here the ground just soaked up everything it could. This is what was left.... 

Detective Watoshua (Watson + Joshua) is looking for clues as to where the rain went...

He got tired of looking for rain, so he decided to shuck corn with Papa.

Of course... this was "too hard" he said..

So off to something a little easier... and less demanding..


His first art piece, he did all by himself. The only help he had was wiping the brushes off because he would get too much paint on them.

His second created was a Granna and Joshua original.

He told her what to paint.. and she painted it....

Can you tell who rules the roost here?

Here is his picture of Mama in a tractor with a pink hat.

And Daddy in a orange tractor.

Can you tell who has the bigger tractor?

Guess who rules the roost in our house? 

And finally... just because this was funny...

The kid went to town on this corn... like he was never going see corn ever again in his life.

It was his mission to eat fast... and look like a chipmunk.

But a cute chipmunk....

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