Monday, September 5, 2011

The Day With Mom

It's not every day we get my mother to ourselves, but here lately, its been happening more.

... and Joshua and I are loving every minute of it.

Granna suggested this race track in the mall, and Joshua was thrilled.

He won every race!!

Of course he was the only one out there.

And then Granna took us to ride the indoor carousel.

Joshua had to ride on the second story, he wanted to be "up in the sky."

As he was going round and round.. he smiled and said, "Mama, I am having fun!"

Fun. All because of Granna. We love having outings with Granna.

I remember when I was little.. my mother took me shopping. Ryan always hated to go.. so that meant more time for just me and my mom. And I loved every minute of it!!  I am so glad that today I get to share that joy with my mother and my son.

After a little retail therapy, we headed home to finish Joshua's family poster for the first day of his 3 year old class. It's not perfect, but it did turn out similar to what I had in mind.

For dinner.. we took it easy.

Kissing PB&J Elephants with strawberry hearts and bananas.

(Joshua put the little dots of Jelly on top of the elephants and claimed they were eyes.)

It was a happy day.

(P.S. Don't stare at my clothes couch.. you know you have one too!!) 

Oh.. and this mama is already getting ready for Halloween!! So excited!!!

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful day!!! LOL @ your clothes couch... The sad thing is, if you didnt point it out, I wouldnt have noticed.. Its pretty normal in my house to have a few loads of clean clothes on the couch..