Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mommy and Son Day

It's rare that he and I ever get to venture out by ourselves. Mainly because it takes two people to get anything done...  one to shop for what we need... and one to watch after the kid climbing in the clothes rack.

But I got new shoes delivered to the house and they were the wrong size. I had to exchange them.. and I needed to make sure I got the right size this time. So we climbed in the car and took off to Humble.

The mall there is very nice, but very confusing. Part of the mall looks like its in a basement.. its just too weird to me. But I ran into Macy's and tried to hurry to exchange the shoes. I even called ahead of time and had the lady waiting there with two sizes in hand for me to try on. I picked out what size fit me best as Joshua rearranged their shoe racks and kept bringing me shoes pleading.. "Mama.. you NEED these!!!"   Trying to explain to a 3 year old that purple zebra pumps are just not my style was kinda hard... but we lived.

Before going into the mall, I promised him we would go to playground if he was good.

He was good.. so we went.

He played and climb all over the place. Smiling at other kids and asking them if they wanted to join him in his big yellow truck.

Then he decided he was hungry and so we headed from the basement level to the second level to see what the food court had to offer. Of course.. when you step off the escalator, the first thing you see... is Cookies!! Yes the Great American Cookie company has the best spot in the food court.  And Joshua promptly runs over and declares he wants cookies for lunch.

After a melt down on the floor with some kicking and screaming, I scooped him up and headed on over to McDonalds. It was the only really kid friendly place in the joint....

He demanded I take a picture of his hamburger.

Then he demanded I take a picture of mine.

and those cookies?  Yes.. I bought some.. ONLY because Joshua ate all his hamburger...

It was the worst $7 I have ever spent on cookies...

I had fun though.. I really did. Shopping with him wasn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be. However, by the time I got home.. I was ready to prop my feet up and take a little nap.

Fun.. but tiring.

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