Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Cancer Update

In the past week my mother has had two meetings with MD Anderson. The first went great.. the latter was a little more disappointment than we were hoping for.

On Thursday, September 8, she had her first check in and meeting with the hospital. Everything went great.. smooth.. she moved from room to room taking care of everything she needed.. check in.. doctor visit.. blood work....

It was a lot faster than we though.

But good news..

Her doctor said that from what Beaumont found, the cancer was only in her right breast and was only in stage 1. This would just require a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation and 5 years of a pill.

Not so bad.

But wait.. the Beaumont doctors failed to check her lymph nodes. So another appointment was scheduled for that following Monday.


She was poked and prodded to get samples of tissue. After a small wait... she was called back.

Only to find out.. the cancer had spread.

It was in her lymph nodes.. 2 of them.

Stage 2. Chemo.

Not what we wanted to hear.

We are all ok though. Its really hard to hear, but we have known people that were by far worse and they made it through and there is no doubt in my mind, she will too. I need my mom.

She returns on the 26th of this month to find out what the next step will be. Right now the cancer is at a Stage 2, but they are growing it for 5-7 days.  Depending on a few items, the cancer could move up another stage or so. 

I have faith in God though and I believe that the worst news has pass. He does not give us anything we can't handle, and as a family, we will be there for her and for each other.


  1. I have been wondering how your mom was doing. So sorry to hear this news - I remember that day so well. We will continue to pray for your mom, your family, and the doctors.

  2. Catching up here to see how your mom is doing... so sorry to hear about the lymphnode diagnosis, but your positive attitude and support will no doubt help her beat this!! Praying for her and your family.