Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Horse Whisperer

Constant change is part of life, and our life is going through a lot of changes.

No matter what though, there is always home to go to.


Where you feel comfortable, relaxed and know your loved for you.


Things just always seem easier there. Happier. Simple.

The country life is the best life in my opinion.. and I have lived many places.

The best feeling in the world is to walk outside, stretch your arms up high and breathe in the fresh air.

And then, on a day like today, you go visit the horses.

Joshua is fascinated with them.

I was too when I was little... until one bucked me off and shattered my arm.

We won't go there today though.. no not today.

Today we are going to embrace all the changes going on in our lives.

We are going to run after the horses...  "TAG your it!!"

We are going to talk and share our worries and fears.

Put our faith into his hands.

Joshua loves to talk to the horses.

And they love talking to him.

They inch closer to him.. scared.. but curious.


He claims he 'loves them.'
and he always begs to take one home.

We live in the city though.. horses aren't allowed.

So we will enjoy the country just a little while longer.

Whisper to the horses.. and tell them how much we love being Home.

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