Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandparent's Day

This was one of my favorite days... a lazy day.. we did stuff, but we weren't rushed and we did not really have to be anywhere. We just enjoyed spending time with Granna on her day... Grandparent's Day.

Wish Papa could of been there, but he was working hard on the farm.

The first thing we did is take a trip to the half price book store. Joshua has been in desperate need of some new books and I love half price because you get what you want.. and more.. for the money!! (I'm always about saving a dime!!)

Love the little school chair... it looks like Granna is teaching him. I would of bought the desk if they would of let me.

Joshua tried to pick books out for himself.  He had such a great time sorting though and rearranging the books. I'm pretty sure the book store was glad we left though... he was recreating their displays.

Our next stop was Kemah boardwalk, where Granna promised Joshua we could sit outside.

He laughed and told Granna secrets.

Then switched chairs at the table to be next to Mommy. (Such a Mama's boy! and I love it!)

After lunch we went down to the carnival area, where Joshua played the giant fishing game.

It took him a lot of time and some help from Granna to actually catch something.

Then off to ride some of the rides.

His green frog had to ride with him. (The frog is the prize he won for catching a fish earlier.)

Then he asked me and Granna to ride the Ferris wheel with him.

He loved it!!

Joshua and I had a blast.. and I hope Granna did too.

It was the perfect day with a person that we couldn't love more.

Happy Grandparent's Day!!

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