Monday, April 23, 2012


So I was totally going to write this super great post today.. about how awesome I am... (blah! Just Kidding!!).... but I am so lame and so tired from my new diet I started today.

I feel great!! Just tired. I exercised at the gym today.. came home and mowed the yard... took a nap... and ate all the right things today.  I even got my water in... (yucky water!)....   but my body is tired, and my mind is a little fuzzy... fuzzy as in.... "I wanna veg out in front of the TV and watch Food Network to sulk over all the Awesome food I can't eat!!"   ... but then I realized Diners, Dive In and Drives.. or whatever.. is on.. and it's my least favorite show.

And that brings me to where I am.. wanting to write a post about the meaning of life.. about all the awesomeness that was this weekend... yet my brain is saying...  "Veg Out... You deserve it!"

So in an attempt to keep up with my blogging a few days a week... I will posting a short, non meaningful post with lots of pictures.

First though.. I want to tell you.. My new computer is awesome!! That is why I feel so far behind on my blog, because both of my other computers took a dive.. I mean.. one was 9 years old and the other one was almost 5... so the new computer is well deserved.  Although... its super fast once powered up, but seriously... it takes like 3 minutes to boot up.. is that normal with these crazy super computers?

Ok.. Picture time!!

Little man cutting up some watermelon.. don't worry .. it's a kids butter knife...

I know he was trying to help, but he chopped it into pieces that were so small... they were a big pile of wet mush the next day...

Saturday morning he asked for Coffee.... Coffee?  Who in this family drinks Coffee??

I do on occasion... but my coffee maker is safely packed away under the cabinet.

This however is.. Chocolate Almond Milk... AKA... Kid Coffee.

That afternoon we tried to have a lunch out on the porch, but it was 60 degrees.. and windy... In Texas.  Normally by April we are sweating to tune of 80 degrees and running around half naked. This morning though.. we wore jackets... and spent a total of 5 minutes outside before our fingers were frozen and we decided to take out picnic inside.

And Today, after I mowed the yard, I decided to fix our lopsided tree and remove a branch.. or two... I hope this tree survives my black thumb, and that my husband isn't too upset with me.

And then, in the awesomeness of all awesomeness.. this little dude clung on for dear life as I drove to pick Joshua up at school... and back home.  He stayed on the truck and had the ride of his life.

Now Joshua thinks he is our pet.

And the last little tidbit of the day....

Joshua went to school today and had music class.

He told me..

"They had a Daddy guitar."
"They had a Mommy guitar."
"They had a baby guitar."
"So it was a family!!"
"But, they didn't have a cat guitar! So Garfield can't pay!"

And that is it folks! Happy Monday!

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  1. Yay for a new computer!

    Yeah, mine is getting old. I hope it lasts awhile longer.